Korfball knows rules similar to other team sports like football, handball, hockey and basketball. Breaking playing rules are called a foul, which result in some form of punishment. Korfball knows three punishments (apart from yellow and red cards):

  • restart,
  • free pass,
  • penalty.

Fouls by punishment type

Korfball knows two main roles: attacker or defender. Fouls made by attackers always result in a re-start by the defense, unless the foul is so heavy that a direct penalty in the other zone is appropriate. The following list is about the punishment when the fouls are made by defenders.

  • Fouls punished with a restart:
    • touch the ball with leg or foot unintentional
    • touch/hold the ball when any part of the body other than feet touch the ground
    • run with the ball
    • solo-play
    • hand over the ball to another player of the own team
    • delay the game
    • play outside the own zone
    • score from the defence zone or directly from a re-start
  • Fouls punished with a free pass:
    • touch the ball with leg of foot intentional
    • hit the ball with the fist
    • hinder an opponent of the opposite sex
    • hinder an opponent already hindered by another player
    • to take hold of the post when jumping, running or to move away quick
    • violate conditions for a free pass
  • Punishment depends, can be restart or free pass:
    • knock, take or run the ball out of the hand
    • push, cling to or hold off an opponent
    • hinder excessively

The following fouls can only be made by attackers and always get a restart for the defending squad.

  • shoot from defended position
  • shoot after cutting past another attacker (using another attacker as a block to lose the defender)
  • score directly from a free pass or a re-start
  • shoot without a personal opponent
  • play in a dangerous manner

Defended shooting

One of the defining rules of korfball now is that an attacker can only shoot when he is free. A defender can actively prevent a shot. For this the defender has to comply by these rules:

  • actively try to block the ball
  • be within arm's length of the attacker
  • have the face turned towards the attacker
  • be nearer to the post than the attacker

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