The Academy is founded with some long term goals in mind. The increase of the top level of korfball in Belarus should contribute to a bigger plan.

Korfball Olympic 2028

Korfball may become an Olympic sport in 2028. For this more countries have to be able to compete for the medals in worldwide korfball championships. At the moment korfball is dominated by The Netherlands, with Belgium being an almost certain number two. Taiwan is the only country to challenge Belgium for a second place. Currently there is doubt if any country can really challenge these three countries. The upcoming 2015 World Championships in Belgium will show if there has been any significant progress and change of the challengers. There is work to improve the level of Catalunya (Spain), Czech Republic, England, Germany, Portugal and Taiwan. The founder of the Belarus Korfball Academy believes that Belarus has the potential to be a possible medal candidate in time. With its passion for sports and focus on those sports where they can excel in, Belarus can become a serious korfball nation.

European and World Championships

On the road to being a serious korfball nation, Belarus will have to start to take part in the European Championships. With a good result in the European Championships, the national squad of Belarus can qualify for the World Championships.

Other championships

To have experienced players in the national squad, these players not only have to work hard in training. They also have to have international game experience. The intention is that the Belarus U17 and U19 squads will attend their yearly championships regularly.

Role of the Academy

The Belarus Korfball Academy sees as its role to find the most talented players involved in Belarus korfball and unlock their talent into ever increasing korfball level, both individually and collectively. Also the Academy works to educate Belarus coaches and encourages its players to coach children. This way korfball knowledge should spread faster across Belarus.

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