The Korfball World Foundation sees her board strengthened with Colin Geene. He will focus primarily on supporting Belarus through the Belarus Korfball Academy.

Geene is married, lives in Rotterdam, just became a father and currently still coach of the A1 squad of this club De Meervogels in Zoetermeer (Netherlands). Next year he will be coach of Weidevogels 2. At this club he coached the A1 until the previous season and got acquainted with Marc Stroo. Through this connection Geene learns about the situation of korfball in Belarus. He becomes so enthusiastic by the stories and images about Belarus that he says yes immediately when he is asked to go to work for korfball in Belarus. When he then asked for the board of the Korfball World Foundation, he also gives his yes to that.

With the addition of Geene the clout of the Korfball World Foundation grows on multiple fronts. Next to being an ambitious coach he also has his own (korfball) network and knowledge about communication.

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