In the weekend of 31 January and 1 February the first training weekend of the Belarus Korfball Academy was held in Minsk. During this two day activity six players of the Academy trained in technical and tactical aspects of korfball. Host of the training weekend was school 91, a school for children with hearing disabilities. Academy Director Marc Stroo presented school Director Tatiana Ivanovna with two korfball balls prior to the weekend. He also gave a clinic to children of the school of various ages, assisted by Academy players Anya and Nastya Antonchik and Yulia Borokhova.

There is an agreement with the school that one of the players of the Academy will give weekly korfball trainings at this school, where they play korfball for some years already.

You can see some videos of the training weekend on the video section.

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Category: Training weekend April 2015
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