The Korfball World Foundation sees her board strengthened with Colin Geene. He will focus primarily on supporting Belarus through the Belarus Korfball Academy.

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In Belarus, korfball is played on various schools and universities. These schools currently have a large shortage in korfball materials, including balls. By donating one or more balls, you make it possible that these schools and universities can do more korfball education and that the number of schools will be expanded. The target players are in the ages from 8 until 22, so both sizes 4 and 5 are welcome. You order one or more balls at and mention 'Belarus' with your order, as well as a different delivery address. These balls will then be delivered to the Korfball World Foundation, who will on set times personally deliver these balls to schools and universities across the country.

Examples of where support is needed now:

  • National State University of Physical Culture in Minsk (BGUFK) for the korfball specialty,
  • School 91 in Minsk for children with hearing disabilities (lower and middle education),
  • Various other elementary and high schools in Minsk, Myadel, Mogilev, Pinsk and Svetlogorsk,
  • Mogilev State A. Kuleshov University, specialty Sports and Tourism.

The donations will be published on the Korfball World Foundation website. You can donate one or more balls now by clicking on the banner here on the website.

From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 April the second training weekend of the Belarus Korfball Academy was held in Minsk. This time nine players participated in the training weekend. There were no less than three hosts. Friday we gratefully used the gym of school 91, Saturday was held in our home base, the University of Physical Education (BGUFK), and Sunday we enjoyed the hospitality of the Minsk State Energy College.

Sports teacher of school 91 with two new balls size 4 for training to children, donated by the Academy.

On Saturday, Academy Director and Head Coach Marc Stroo also gave a training session to a group of students from BGUFK. On Monday he gave a training session to a group of students of the Minsk Energy College. This college recently started training korfball.

Participants of the Academy posing. From left to right: Yanovich, Smotrikova, Stroo, Kokhno, Anya Antonchik, Borokhova, Sayko, Nastya Antonchik, Kichkin. 

After the second training session some mutations have been made to the list of participants of the Academy. Firstly Artyom Chichevskiy withdrew himself from the Academy. Secondly we have added Artyom Chupikov and Maxim Krivaltsevich to the group. With Chupikov we get a strong rebounder that proved his quality in the 2013 U16 World Cup in Schijndel. Krivaltsevich is a new player that was scouted at the Minsk State Energy college during the recent master class there. Chupikov will be in the group U19 and Krivaltsevich is an addition to the new U21 focus group. With these players we improve the balance between male and female participants.

Chupikov in action at U16 Talent Cup 2013.

In the weekend of 31 January and 1 February the first training weekend of the Belarus Korfball Academy was held in Minsk. During this two day activity six players of the Academy trained in technical and tactical aspects of korfball. Host of the training weekend was school 91, a school for children with hearing disabilities. Academy Director Marc Stroo presented school Director Tatiana Ivanovna with two korfball balls prior to the weekend. He also gave a clinic to children of the school of various ages, assisted by Academy players Anya and Nastya Antonchik and Yulia Borokhova.

There is an agreement with the school that one of the players of the Academy will give weekly korfball trainings at this school, where they play korfball for some years already.

You can see some videos of the training weekend on the video section.

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